A brief timeline of our milestones and achievements.


2019 was our first year existing as a team — as a small community team of 16 students with very little mentorship we struggled a lot, but managed to pull through, winning the Rookie All-Star award at the District and District Championship levels, qualifying to the world championships in Houston.

2019 Offseason

The 2019 offseason was a huge rebuilding season — we used it to focus on improving our technical abilities, while also training over 20 new members. We built two offseason robots — shopping cart, which was our in season robot stripped down to just a drivetrain and a hatch mechanism, which made it to the semifinals at Peak Performance and Doggo, which made it to finals at Girls Generation and semifinals at Robot Rewind.


While our 2020 season was cut short due to the pandemic, 7461 built our best robot yet, making it to the semifinals at the Glacier Peak district event week 1.